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To be what society needs.

Looking at the world today, environmental problems and various other issues affecting society are becoming more serious. I really wonder whether we can continue in the same way. I think businesspeople such as us should take more initiative to address the issues society faces. If we do not contribute to the world by setting aside our personal desires, to do good for others, then society will not need us and our companies may eventually face difficulties turning a profit, and therefore staying in business. The Marimo Group's business philosophy is "altruism and appreciation." I feel we are at a time when we must truly put that ethos into practice for society.
We are currently exploring an evolution into becoming a social business company as our ten-year vision. By 2030, we aspire to be a company that is 50% business-focused and 50% socially focused by following a new management benchmark called the Marimo Activity Portfolio (MAP). Social concerns and business concerns: They may seem incompatible at first glance, but I believe there is meaning in combining these two opposites. I believe a company suited to a post-capitalist society should be an organization where social and business concerns coexist perfectly naturally.
Our intentions of being a social business company may seem to some, for example, to threaten the value in our Condominium Business and our Profitable Real Estate Creation Business. However, Marimo has built up these businesses as the mainstay of our company, and there has always been great value in our work to provide housing and condominiums. And that importance will not change. We are also working to make new businesses beyond real estate a core part of our company alongside the real estate business. New businesses in various sectors such as the environment, wellness, skilled foreign workers, and education are already budding. For the future, I want us to continue approaching our business in a way that answers the needs of society while we set our sights on M&A deals and alliances with other companies. The Marimo Group's businesses will become more and more diverse. I expect that we will be more active than ever in new business development and M&A strategy, and existing businesses should also create new value as they expand. The desired goal is to become a group with businesses, organizations, and people that are diverse. I envision a group that takes on all sorts of challenges through the work and business carried out by a workforce of many different types of people. I believe that in order to survive in the coming decades, a great company has to have a highly diverse organization.
The important thing is to recognize the social value that our business has, and to consider how we can further increase its level of social contribution. If we can take joy in doing good for others, put that mentality into action, and with that, seriously address the problems society faces, I am certain that our business will become one with even greater value.
As society changes, companies have to change, too. So long as we are businesspeople, we have to have the courage and the boldness to change ourselves. We will seek to turn a corner and transform into a diverse corporate group. I understand that the goal of a social business company presents quite a difficult challenge. However, how many times in the past have we adapted and accepted new challenges? Marimo, which was founded as a design firm in 1970, transformed into a condominium developer in the 1990s, then evolved into a comprehenive7 real estate developer in the 2010s. That path followed a trajectory along which we inquired into the meaning behind our company's existence and the value we offer. That spirit, by which we dare to change is what we are really made of. You can expect great things from the challenges the Marimo Group takes on moving forward. For all of us to make a wonderful society together, I ask for more guidance and more encouragement on your part.

*A social business is an idea espoused by Professor Muhammad Yunus, the recipient of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize. A social business is one whose purpose is not only to maximize profit, but to also use business as a means for addressing the problems that people and society face.

Makoto Fukagawa
Marimo Co., Ltd.

Makoto Fukagawa President Marimo Co., Ltd.