Condominium Business

Condominium Brand "Polestar" Innovation
toward the ideal Japanese housing.


"Long-lasting, Honesty, beauty."
The Polestar Concept is "Beautiful Basic".

Our goal is to provide condominiums enjoyed by its owners for many years at the proper price and value. We pursue the perfect balance of location, design, construction, and functionality.
That is the concept of the ideal Polestar condominium as represented by the words "Beautiful Basic." Marimo creates beautiful condominiums.


Moving up to the next stage.
Gladis is a high-grade brand that focuses on fine quality.

GLADIS DIAMOND: One and only fine value like a diamond.
Diamonds are valuable precisely because they are scarce. Condominiums are yet another way to build "the next stage" by developing in rare and unique sites with a brand new design that enable planning that would be impossible elsewhere just like the process leading up to creating a diamond. We are committed to using our knowledge and skills to develop condminiums with our one and only fine value.
GLADIS: Moving up to the next stage. You can rely on us to bring you something amazing.

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