Condominium Business in MALAYSIA

Situated in Puchong, a suburb of the capital Kuala Lumpur
A condominium tower development with 718 units

We are the first Japanese condominium developer to develop a condominium in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Puchong. This large property features 718 units (359 units in Tower A and 359 units in Tower B). Named "O'hako", this project has been designed to provide the most luxurious and attractive common areas in Puchong. The lobbies and garden areas are particularly inviting and high-class. The courtyard also features the largest pool area for this class of condominium buildings. Competition in the Malaysian condominium market focuses on luxurious curb appeal and excellent common facilities. This project is the realization of Marimo's participation into such an exciting market. Our condominiums provide a truly enjoyable and pleasant lifestyle while emphasizing the high level of quality unique to Japanese businesses.

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